Fluorescente is a Design Studio located in Medellín. We support initiatives based on sustainability and fair trade. #vegan

Selected Work

What We Do

Brand Identity

We determine what the visual language should be, to connect with a defined audience. We create the basis to keep a consistent brand across all your communications.

Web Design and Development

We design and develop websites from the specific needs of every project and the personality of every brand. We understand that writing, illustration and photography are an important part of user experience.

Illustration and Lettering

Drawings are visual attention grabbers, add sense to texts and get communication closer. We draw letters, icons and situations; aligning the style with the brand's visual language.

Who We Are

Alejandro Narváez Isaza

Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer

I am a Graphic Designer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia with twelve years of multidisciplinary work experience in Art Direction, UI/UX Design and Brand Identity Design.

Gabriel Alfonso

Full-Stack Software Developer

I am a Full-Stack Software developer, I configure the development enviroments and working deploys at Fluorescente. I studied systems engineering at EAN University, and I'm taking a mobile apps development specialization.

Carlos Carrillo (Collaborator)

Front-end Developer / Graphic Designer / Illustrator

I am a web and Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Front-end Developer. I studied at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and had a specialization program at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá. Right now I work for the digital studio Redspace in Halifax, Canada.

How we work

Information and Rule Setting

Ideas and Design


Development and Advisory

Information and Rule Setting

We ask the neccesary questions to define the scope and goals of a project, We define the processes we'll follow. We investigate and look for references to guide us.

Ideas and Design

We find concepts, sketch, test prototypes, develop a design and explain why we consider it the best option. We don't believe in absolute answers but we do believe in calculated risks.


We encourage our clients to participate. Listen to their comments and questions, we ran tests again, make the necessary adjustements and prepare the design to production, or we go back to previous steps.

Development and Advisory

We develop or advise the production process. We follow our work and keep sharing ideas about how to improve the projects we believe in.


We are easy to find and we don't mind to use some time to answer to messages. Fill this form or write to hola@fluorescente.design

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